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Gracie Abrams – Close To You Lyrics Meaning

Close To You Lyrics Meaning

Lyrics Close To You by Gracie Abrams, seem to convey strong emotions and thematic elements, unrequited love, focusing on the intensity and desperation of the narrator’s feelings. The use of imagery related to fire and burning suggests an all-consuming passion. The artist is willing to endure significant emotional pain and make profound sacrifices just for the chance to be close to the object of their desire.

Here are some of the important lines from the song “Close To You”

1. “I burn for you, and you don’t even know my name”
   – This line captures the intensity of the artist’s feelings and the sense of unrequited love or desire.

2. “If you asked me to, I’d give up everything”
   – This line highlights the artist’s willingness to sacrifice everything for the person they desire.

3. “To be close to you, Pull the trigger on the gun I gave you when we met”
   – This line uses a metaphor that conveys a sense of vulnerability and the depth of the artist’s commitment.

4. “Break my heart and start a fire, You’ve got me overnight”
   – These lines reflect the artist’s acknowledgment of potential pain but also their irresistible attraction.

5. “You should be mine for life, I’ll be signing every dotted line”
   – This line indicates the speaker’s longing for a lifelong commitment.

6. “Chemical override, ultraviolet, You could be mine tonight”
   – These lines suggest an overwhelming and possibly intoxicating attraction.

7. “Cinematic timing, You pull me in and touch my neck, and now I’m dying”
   – This line creates a vivid image of an intimate and intense moment between the artist and the person they desire.

Close To You (Music Video)

Close To You Song Credits

Artist : Gracie Abrams
Album : The Secret of Us
Lyrics : Gracie Abrams, Sam de Jong
Music : Sam de Jong, Gracie Abrams
Label : Interscope Records