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Inside Jubin Nautiyal’s Musafir Song

Musafir song by Jubin Nautiyal from the movie “Dedh Bigha Zameen” describe that a person facing illegal issue followed by his father’s property, somehow he knows that the property actually grabed by some others by unlawfully. So he & his wife decide to battle against the unlawful situation, hoping oneday everything gonna be okay, oneday he get his father’s property.

Here are some of the heart touching lines from the song “Musafir”.

1. “Aasmaan ghar hai tera, Zameen bistar hai tera, Musafir jayega kahan”
   – This line is repeated multiple times and emphasizes the idea that the traveler belongs everywhere and nowhere. The sky is his home, and the earth is his bed, highlighting a nomadic existence.

2. “Khinche taqdeer tujhe, Sujhe na bheed tujhe, Musafir jayega kahan”
   – This line speaks to the pull of destiny and the traveler’s sense of being lost in the crowd, questioning where he will go.

3. “Khwabon mein tarashe, Neendon mein gine, Rasta hi na samjhe, To manzil kya chune”
   – These lines reflect on the idea of dreams and the struggle to understand the path, questioning how one can choose a destination if the path itself is unclear.

4. “Khudi se yun juda huye, Khudi khuda huye”
   – This line suggests a separation from oneself to the point of becoming divine, indicating a deep spiritual or existential journey.

These lines encapsulate the essence of the song, focusing on the themes of destiny, existential search, and the mystical journey of the person who decide to go against the unlawful.

Musafir (Music Video)

Musafir Song Credits

Singer : Jubin Nautiyal
Featuring Artists : Khushalii Kumar, Pratik Gandhi
Movie : Dedh Bigha Zameen
Lyrics : Arko
Music : Arko
Label : T-Series