Rod Wave – Better Lyrics

Better Lyrics by Rod Wave is a New English song from the album “Beautiful Mind” sung by popular artist Rod Wave. Lyrics of this song are written by Rod Wave and music produced by Cocobeatszn.

Better Lyrics

(Coco, this your season right now)

Wake up and get straight to that money
I can’t wait for nothin’ (Oh, yeah)
Long as I keep this paper comin’
They can’t take s**t from me
Eviction letters traumatized me even though it’s sunny
I know the drought is always coming
God came to see me in my cell
He seen my heart was pure
Hard to be vegan when you surrounded by carnivores (Yeah)
Lions, tigers, and sharks in they darkest form (I seen ’em in they darkest form)
In they darkest form
Trapped in the trenches, oh (Trapped in them)
So many days, so many hours, so many minutes
So many ni***s ain’t get to make it
It’s amazing that I made it
How I come out dry?
It was storming and raining
I brought the Maybach through the hood to see they faces (Yeah)
I used to look up to them ni***s
Now they hating, it’s crazy
You knew me since a baby
Knew me since a child
You know I deserve this life, ‘posed to be proud of me
Yeah, be proud
Uh, they keep throwing dirt on top my name, yeah (Yeah)
All you ni***s ought to be ashamed, yeah (Yeah)
I could stop this rapping s**t today (Uh)
Just can’t take back the history we made (Yeah)
Even though the deck was stacked on me (Yeah)
And the odds was against me
No chance of winning
We still came out better
Still came out better (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I thought it’d be smiles on they faces
Tears coming out they eyes
Hearing congratulations
But they make it no better
Yeah, they make it no better, oh

Oh, oh, oh

Song Details
Singer : Rod Wave
Album : Beautiful Mind
Lyrics : Rod Wave
Music : ThatBossEvan, Cocobeatszn