Rod Wave – Married Next Year Lyrics

Married Next Year Lyrics by Rod Wave is a New English song from the album “Beautiful Mind” sung by popular singer Rod Wave. Lyrics of this song are written by Rod Wave and music produced by KaiGoinKrazy.

Married Next Year Lyrics

(Pipe that s**t up, TnT)
(Damn, Kai, you goin’ crazy)
You know I’m getting married next year

You know you got the kind of love that a ni**a need (Need, yeah)
You know you got the kind of touch only a ni**a dream (Oh, yeah, yeah)
I never meant to break your heart
Or hurt your self-esteem (Self-esteem, yeah)
I never meant to play my part and act selfishly (Yeah)
Looking for what was in my face the whole time (Whole time)
Hoping that it ain’t too late ’cause I’m
Tired of the same old bi**hes
(Of the same old bi**hes)
Know you gеt tired of the same old ni**s
(Of thе same old ni***s)
Looking for love, looking for the hype
Same crowd in the club every night
I’m wondering, is you looking for a husband?
A youngin out here looking for a wife (Yeah)
Girl, let’s get it right
Only thing shorter than these love songs is life, yeah
When you finally find someone to call your own, no more sharing
Run away as far as y’all can go and start a family
And I done been here many times before (Oh, yeah)
And every time, I done got it wrong (Oh, why?)
They say when it’s right, you’ll know (You’ll know)
I know for sure
Your love what I was waiting on
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Your love’s what I been waiting on
Your love (Your love), your love (Your love)
Your love (Your love), your love (Your love)
Your love’s the one I been waiting on
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Ooh)
Someone as crazy as you (Ooh)
Someone great at lovemaking as you (Yeah)
Someone as patient as you (Ooh, yeah)
Someone as amazing as you (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Amazing as you
(Same old me, same old me, same)
Married next year (You know me, I’m)
Getting married next year
(To my only, f**k it)
Uh, let’s get married
I’m getting married
Is you ready?
‘Cause I’m ready
Let’s get married, yeah, uh
Let’s get married, yeah, uh
I’m getting married
We getting married
I’m getting married
Let’s get married
I’m getting married next year

Song Details
Singer : Rod Wave
Album : Beautiful Mind
Lyrics : Rod Wave
Music : Jai Beats, KaiGoinKrazy