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Vince Staples Justin Lyrics

[Justin Lyrics]

Met this pretty woman in the Summer from Qatar
Late night at Gjelina, she was eatin’ at the bar
Said she was a teacher, seven months left on her Visa
But she used to be a singer, she was meant to be a star
Asked me how I feel about the music I done dropped
Some of it was cool, some of it was hot
Deeper conversations under surface level thoughts
Asked if she can get a ride to her spot, I said “I gotcha”
Pull up on La Brea, where them n!ggas shootin’ choppers
Can barely hear the ambulances over helicopters
She invited me up for a drink
I don’t indulge, but the moments with her make me feel, so what’s the rush?
Started talkin’ ’bout the future and the ever-present past
Awkward silences and laughs got me feelin’ like we on the path to somethin’
Right before this woman stole my heart, I see a shadow by the door and hear a knock
Eyes bloodshot like she had seen a ghost or somethin’
I don’t know what’s what, reach in my pocket, get to clutchin’
She like “Hold up, I’m comin'”, if it get tricky, then I’m bussin’
She said “Baby, meet my little cousin’, Justin”

“Nice to meet you”
“Nice to meet you too”
Women lie a lot, put that on the dead homies
Women lie a lot, on God
Women lie a lot, put that on the dead homies
Women lie a lot, on God

Justin (Music Video)

Justin Lyrics Vince Staples : This song sung by Vince Staples, a New addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Dark Times”, accompanied by a music video. Justin song released on May 24, 2024 on the Vince Staples official YouTube channel. The song also available on other music platform.

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7. Liars
8. Justin
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Justin Song Credits

Singer : Vince Staples
Album : Dark Times
Lyrics : Vince Staples, Leken Taylor
Music : Leken Taylor
Label : Def Jam Recordings

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Vince Staples Justin Lyrics
Vince Staples Justin Lyrics