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Vince Staples Liars Lyrics

[Liars Lyrics]

If I love you, I can’t lie to you
Course you can lie to me, and you will
If you love me and you’re goin’ off with Maddie someplace, you’re lying to me
‘Cause what the hell do I care about the truth? I care if you’re there
What Billie Holiday say? “Hush now, don’t explain”
Alright, I accept that, yeah, I accept that
Of course, of course you’ll lie to me ’cause I don’t even wanna ca-
And what, what does the truth matter?
And why you gon’ be truthful with me when you lie to everybody else?

You lied when you smiled at that cracker down the job, right?
Lie to me, smile
Treat me the same way you would treat him
I can’t treat you the way I treat him
You must, you must
Because I’ve caught the, I’ve caught the frowns and the anger
He’s happy with you
Of course he doesn’t know you’re unhappy, you grin at him all day long
You come home and I catch hell because I love you

I get least of you, I get, I get the very minimum
And I’m sayin’, you know, fake it with me

Liars (Music Video)

Liars Lyrics Vince Staples : This song sung by Vince Staples, a New addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Dark Times”, accompanied by a music video. Liars song released on May 24, 2024 on the Vince Staples official YouTube channel. The song also available on other music platform.

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6. Étouffée
7. Liars
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Liars Song Credits

Singer : Vince Staples
Album : Dark Times
Lyrics : James Baldwin, Vince Staples, Darian Thomas, Kiah Victoria
Music : RⱯHM ⚉
Label : Def Jam Recordings

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Vince Staples Liars Lyrics
Vince Staples Liars Lyrics