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RM Out of love Lyrics

[Out of love Lyrics]

My life is out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love

I’m just a pack of cigarette
I’m a burn down all the love and the hate, the right, the wrongs
Even the goddamn world I been livin’ in for my whole life
Smoking kills, I know
It’s my f*cking business, you b!tches stop, don’t talk shit
Ashes for like a snow
I been changin’ all the flow
Time to let go the past, the memories, the stacks of the truth
Diaries without priorities
I already killed myself out of the f*cking fears
Smoke, drink, people, I know they stink
다 한 번에 섞어 버리고 I put ’em in the sink
설거지는 안 해 ’cause it’s my f*ckin’ script
십몇년만에 이제야 다시 들리네 creep
I don’t belong here 시는 죽어 버리고 사랑은 묻어 버렸 네
어차피 너와 내가 믿는 진실은 다르 기에
그래 널 원망하지 않아
널 원망하지 않아
사랑은 망하지 아마

Uh, all you strangers, you did think you can please me?
본 지 몇 달 됐다고 you do believe me?
난 익숙하지 I love it when you hate me
No, kiss me, oh see me, don’t leave me
Just eat me, uh
Honesty’s always a crime
Just tell me if you need a dime
But I can’t give you my time
Can’t waste you my goddamn time
You know you was a grime
You can f*ck my body
Can’t f*ck my mind

Out of love (Music Video)

Out of love Lyrics : This song sung by popular rapper RM of BTS, is a New addition to the English music scene, featured in the album “Right Place, Wrong Person”. Out of love song was release on May 24, 2024 accompanied by a music video, under the music label “BIGHIT MUSIC”. Stay tuned with us for the official release.

Right Place, Wrong Person (Tracklist)

1. Right People, Wrong Place
2. Nuts
3. Out of love
4. Domodachi
5. ? (Interlude)
6. Groin
7. Heaven
8. LOST!
9. Around the world in a day
10. ㅠㅠ (Credit Roll)
11. Come back to me

Out of love Song Credits

Singer : RM
Album : Right Place, Wrong Person
Lyrics : RM
Music : RM

Out of love Song: Q&A

Who sung the song “Out of love” by RM?
Ans. RM

Who wrote the lyrics of “Out of love” by RM?
Ans. RM

Who produced “Out of love” by RM?
Ans. RM

When did RM release “Out of love”?
Ans. May 24, 2024

When did RM release the album “Right Place, Wrong Person”?
Ans. May 24, 2024

Artist Bio

RM, also known as Rap Monster, is the leader and main rapper of the South Korean boy band BTS. His real name is Kim Nam-joon, and he was born on September 12, 1994, in Ilsan, South Korea. For more information: Click here

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RM Out of love Lyrics
RM Out of love Lyrics